The Perfect Nursery

I’m just going to put this out there- I would carry and give birth to 15 more babies simply so I could have the opportunity to design and decorate 15 more nurseries. (In all seriousness, I might actually consider 2 or 3 more if my pregnancies were a lot easier!)
Since our recently announced baby #4 will complete our family, I’ll have to take as much enjoyment as possible in planning this last nursery. At this point I’m not sure whether or not baby will be sharing space with a sibling because we only have 3 bedrooms upstairs but I do know that our current “nursery” is the one that will be redecorated. That honestly has me feeling a little sentimental. It’s been my favourite spot in the whole house, the perfect room for our youngest daughter, one that I spent so many hours dreaming up and working on in the weeks and months before she arrived.


I remember the day we brought Marcella home. The sunshine spilled in through the vintage lace curtains that I had found at a thrift store for $5. I swaddled her up securely and sat in the glider by the window soaking up those first few moments with my new babe in arms. I felt content and so happy to be sitting in a room that I had poured love into…for her, for us.  It was bright and warm at the same time, a feeling I’ve experienced in this space ever since. That’s why it’s so hard to think about changing it right now. But life is full of changes isn’t it?

Photos by Cradled Creations



Some of the projects I enjoyed working on most were the gold star & crystal bead mobile, the hand painted large vase and of course the set of 3 pink crochet blossoms that ended up being the most popular wall hanging trio from our shop that year. I’ll be honest though, if I could change one thing, I wish that I would have already designed the knit bead mobiles because either the Serenity or Joyful style would have been above the crib instead!

To me this nursery has been unique because there was never really a specific theme. I incorporated little bits of all the things I thought were feminine, fun and whimsical. Stars, flowers, shells, diamonds…an eclectic room that’s for sure!
A couple special touches that I still love so much are the ruffled valance that we placed above the open closet and the little white wicker chair that has provided a sweet story time spot and also a place for all the stuffed animals to congregate each night before bed. The “Twinkle Twinkle” decals were eventually removed by curious little hands and new wall flowers currently hang where the pink ones once were.


lynelle-newborn-396      lynelle-newborn-398

I’m so thankful for these beautiful photos by Cradled Creations. They are a precious documentation and will be even more special when the day comes that we have to make some changes. That being said, a room is really just a room isn’t it? The little people that occupy it and the memories that are made there are what matter the most.



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