Baby Pink or baby blue? Either way, we love you!

Baby sister or baby brother??

That has been the question of the hour for the past couple of months as our kiddos have grown more and more excited to learn the answer!
The oldest two (seven and five) have a very clear understanding of the harsh reality of losing babies and so many prayers have included a request that our “baby will live”. This always tugs so heavily on my heart and yet I’m thankful that we’ve been so open with them and allowed the questions, feelings and concerns to flow out as needed. We feel like it’s helped them to appreciate this pregnancy so much more and to anticipate each stage with excitement and gratefulness.
After the ultrasound, we had to wait two (long) days to let them in on the secret but it was totally worth the smiles and joyful sounds that followed the balloons popping out of the box at our gender reveal! Asha and Colby’s guesses were for a BOY, Marcella and I were very much for a GIRL and Collin was leaning towards a BOY, though he says he never really had a strong feeling either way. So…. without further ado, scroll, scroll, scroll to find out who was right!

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Photos by Justine Russo Photography

Sneak Peek-0003

Gender Reveal-0043

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Sneak Peek-0009

Gender Reveal-0018
Blessed, just feeling so blessed.
Thank you for sharing in this journey with us and keeping our little BOY in your prayers!


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