Butterfly Garden 3rd Birthday

Our sunshine filled Marcella turned 3 earlier in July and her love for the outdoors and nature inspired this Butterfly Garden theme party! When her older siblings are ready to come inside Marcella always wants to linger a little longer, playing with insects, picking red currents and flowers or playing in the pool. Her love for life is infectious. The way she gallops about and sings while she plays each day brings joy to our whole family!

I always find 3rd birthdays to be so fun because at 2 years old children often don’t quite get what all the excitement is about yet. This year she knew exactly who, what and why we were celebrating and was talking about it for weeks beforehand! Her older siblings definitely helped to amp up the anticipation!


I decided to design and make all of the main decor pieces myself and really enjoyed putting together the floral #3 wreath and hanging 3D butterflies! I found nearly all required supplies at Michael’s and I must admit that I loved being able to purchase so many items in one location. When 7 months pregnant, the less getting in and out of the car the better right?

My goal to keep the menu simple yet colourful and well balanced nutritionally came together really well. This included the  watermelon/blueberry kabobs that I’ve wanted to make for a while now! They were a hit and disappeared before I even had that chance to think about grabbing one for myself! (at least I got some cake!)

TIP: If you’d like to make them I’d recommend using a wider cookie cutter so you can cut through a 1 inch thick piece of watermelon. The flower shape set that we have from Homesense comes with 5 different sizes and I used the 2nd smallest one which is about 1.5″ in diameter. I pre-cut all the shapes the night before so they were ready to go on prep day!





What a sweet day celebrating our beautiful Marcella!
I hope you’ve found some great party inspiration & ideas here!

I’ve linked a few vendors below:
Cake and mini cupcakes (amaaazing!) Tracycakes Bakery
Birthday Girl cake topper Confetti & Sparkle Party Shop
Wreath & butterfly supplies Michaels

Happy party planning!


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