For my girls

My darling daughters,

Did you know that I dreamed of you (and your brother/s) for years before I ever met your daddy? I had lots of lessons to learn before I was ready to be your mama and I’m still learning each and every day but here are a few of my prayers for you and also some wisdom to keep close to your heart as you grow. It’s my joy to experience life through your eyes! Never lose that sparkle…


And never doubt your worth. Walk in confidence but always strive to stay humble. Seek validation only from your Father above because He made you and loves you most. Stay healthy and fit but put even more effort into the beautifying of your heart. That will take you so much farther in life and dear friends will always be close by.


Always be on the lookout for those needing a little bit of extra LOVE. Keep your own “cup” full by surrounding yourself with kind, wise and like minded friends. Exercise compassion. Seek after GOODNESS and MERCY.  Choose to be KIND and PEACEFUL in all you say and do. Never shy away from speaking LIFE into someone else’s day. Encourage often and allow others to lift you up as well.


Let beautiful DREAMS fill your heart. Trust God with each one. Run after adventure. Be STRONG and courageous and believe that when a door closes you will see another open eventually. Try not to let others pain and discouragement in life steal your true JOY. Love wholeheartedly, be generous but understand that boundaries are okay and necessary sometimes.


Exercise PATIENCE in all things and resist the world’s pressure to expect immediate gratification. Never underestimate the importance of practicing discipline and using self-control.  Avoid complaining. Work hard to embrace life’s challenges because they will ultimately produce character and depth if you let God lead you through the struggle. Know you are never alone. Stay content when things don’t happen as you want them too.


Guard your heart and mind. Wear purity like a crown. Your innocence is so so beautiful. Never be ashamed of it because it’s a greater gift than most realize. Not everything that is available to you needs to be known or experienced. Stay confident in this truth.

Keep God’s word and His promises close to your heart and above all else always remember that His plans for you are GOOD. Remember that He is trustworthy and nothing can separate you from that unfailing love, even when you stray a little. His arms will always be open wide. You can always run back because that’s the kind of Father He is.

And I, your mama, will always be here for you.

Always with a hand to hold. Always with a shoulder to cry on. Always cheering you on.

You are truly a precious gift to me and I pray you never forget that.

Love Mommy


Maxi dresses: Pink Blush Maternity
Girls dresses: Pemberley Company
Photography by Amanda Gregor Photography

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