Walking freely with Valco Baby

Pregnancy is an incredibly beautiful experience for so many reasons. The new life that you become aware of so quickly, that first ultrasound, the flutters, the kicks, the hiccups, the dreaming of meeting your sweet little one. These things are all awe-inspiring and joyous. There are, however, many challenges that women can face in pregnancy, some of which can significantly alter our ability to enjoy the experience the way that we had hoped to. Things that are often completely unexpected.

Lynnelle Maternity Session-37
Shannon Lee Lifestyle Photography

For me this challenge came in the form of sciatic nerve pain and a very unpleasant pelvic pressure mixed with frequent Braxton Hicks contractions daily from about 17-18 weeks on. It started during my second pregnancy and caught me off guard. I suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable going for walks and if I stood for longer than a couple of minutes would cross my legs because the pressure made me feel like my baby was trying to push “everything” out! (sorry for the TMI).

Keeping busy, healthy eating and decent metabolism helped with my not gaining extra weight during each pregnancy but I sure wasn’t able to get the exercise I needed after I entered the second trimester! I remember at 8.5 months pregnant with Asha, our oldest, literally speed walking UP a long steep hill near our house in North Vancouver! That was such a different experience and I’m truly grateful that I was able to know that physical freedom, even if it was just the one time.

I really loved being pregnant but the challenges were, at times, really hard to accept. I had to miss out on many family outings when they involved walking a lot. It often prevented me from cooking good healthy meals. Being in the kitchen is normally a favourite past time of mine so ordering take out as often as we had to during the last few months was not ideal at all. I honestly dealt with so much guilt. It goes without saying that, aside from the obvious anticipation of meeting our new baby, the thing that I looked forward to doing the most by the end of every pregnancy was getting to walk freely again!


Amanda Gregor Photography

After Dawson was born I was itching to get out and about and what made me even more excited was getting to try out our new Valco Baby Tri Mode X Tailor Made stroller! With 4 children and 8 years of parenting under our belt, we’ve definitely been through a few strollers but this is our first time using one from Valco Baby and we’ve truly been impressed on so many levels. I’ve never been overly concerned about the appearance of a stroller before but this denim style with the optional caramel handle grips and bumper bar is definitely eye candy when it comes to baby gear!

The maneuverability, adjustable handle bar and easy fold features are definitely highlights and we also love the adequate storage space and full reclining seat. Another thing that I really appreciate is the beautifully designed 4 stage Expanda hood that provides a great deal of protection from excessive sunlight and other unfavourable weather. Marcella, our 3 year old, has hardly ever sat in a stroller so I was nervous about how she would take to this one. When we set it up she jumped in, seemed so comfortable and has loved riding in it ever since!

I don’t really have anything negative to say about our Tri Mode X stroller but it’s really important to me that I offer honest feedback anytime I do a product review so I do have a few tips. If you’re looking to purchase your own Valco Baby stroller be aware that it takes a few tries to get comfortable with using the carseat attachment (available for all Maxi Cosi, Nuna and Cybex infant seats)  but once you’ve practiced a handful of times, it’s pretty easy to use. Also, if you like having the option of a snack tray or cup holder, they will need to be purchased separately.

Once last thing that has been a game changer is the fact that I’ve been able to comfortably steer my stroller with one hand when baby wearing Dawson and need to have my other hand free for any reason. It’s such a treat to be able to rely on a smooth ride not only for my babes but for myself as well! We need all the help we can get when we’re out and about with our kids right mama’s?;)

As always, thanks for reading and today, for letting me share this review with you!


Learn more about Valco Baby products in Canada along with a list of retailers near you on their website:


         This post is sponsored by Valco Baby and all opinions and thoughts are my own.

All stroller photos taken by Amanda Gregor Photograpy
Maternity photo by Shannon Lee Lifestyle Photography
Baby wrap by Beluga Baby

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