Snow, Ruffles and Clean Sheets

It’s not often that we see little white flakes falling from the sky here in the lower mainland. Usually it’s a lot of water droplets aka RAIN between October and April. Growing up in northern BC, we had 5-6 months of winter in our small town so when the snow starts falling here it’s like a little slice of nostalgic heaven for me. This year our Christmas was extra special because of an oh so timely snowfall that took place over the weekend.

I had planned a post featuring what I would wear if we were going out for New Years Eve and what I was actually planning to wear at home this year while snuggled up with Collin and our babes. Then the flu hit and things got busy and eventually it was too late to post it. I did however convince Collin to run outside with me on one of those snowy days to capture a few shots of this adorable new ruffle cardigan from Pink Blush!

I’m sure in years to come, we’ll want to go out on New Years to gather with friends but for now while our babies are young we are more than happy to just stay home. This New Years Eve we ate well and played games and for the first time we let Colby and Asha, 6 and 8, stay up as late as they were able to! Both fell asleep just shy of 11:30pm. We were pretty impressed! It was actually hilarious watching them try not to show how tired they were!

At midnight, after tucking the kids in, Collin and I found ourselves making up our own bed in dimmed lighting because we’d forgotten that the bedding had to be stripped earlier in the day, likely from spit up. As we passed each other while tucking in the fitted sheet, he kissed me and whispered “Happy New Year” and we laughed. We laughed because this is our life right now-  busy, messy, sleepy, noisy and aside from a few extra hours of sleep at night, we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Happy New Year to you and your dearest ones!


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