Our newborn isn’t a newborn anymore!

Well Dawson is now 4 months old so I really can’t refer to him as a newborn anymore. *insert sigh and possibly a tear* As much as I want him to stay tiny forever I am also starting to embrace the new milestones and stages that are coming up soon! Even though its easy to long for things to stay the same (aka fear of change!) there’s so much to celebrate as we watch Dawson grow. Here are a couple of things that I’m looking forward to in the next few months!

Top by Pink Blush

Starting solids
 I have always made homemade fruit and veggie purees for our babies so I’m really looking forward to doing it again especially because I finally have a food processor! We loved the magic bullet too so I’m sure that will make an appearance for smaller batches. I love the thought of our oldest three getting to learn how to feed him with a spoon. It’s going to be a messy time but fun nonetheless. If you’re wanting a good resource for making your own baby food, my favourite book is linked here!

Sitting up!
As sweet as the endless snuggles are, carrying and nursing definitely takes a toll on a mama’s arms and neck muscles after a few months. I think mine have been the worst this time around! It’s always a game changer when babies start sitting up because they’re then able to entertain themselves a little more and can enjoy booster seats and activity centers.. Sitting up means Dawson will get a better view of whats going on around him and that makes me pretty excited (for both of us!)


Until we reach these upcoming milestones I am going to enjoy his current achievements like grasping and rolling over! All of the snuggles, the sweet smiles during nursing sessions and those beautiful eyes that we still can’t figure out the colour of are a constant reminder to me of God’s goodness. We are so grateful for this sweet little boy and all that he has brought to our family in 4 months!


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