Third Trimester Ready with Pink Blush Maternity

And just like that, the 3rd trimester has arrived! I’m having trouble believing that we are starting the 3 month countdown already! Weeks 4 through 19 dragged by slowly as we waited to pass through each emotional milestone right up to our gender reveal ultrasound. When we learned that we were expecting a healthy baby boy I was able to embrace and bond with him a little more and slowly the fears started to subside and the weeks started moving along more quickly!

Lynnelle PinkBlush-80
Amanda Gregor Photography

At 28 weeks along, here is where I’m currently at with the highs and lows of this pregnancy:

Adrenal fatigue
Vivid dreams
Lower back & hip pain
Lack of appetite/ picky stomach (likely due to being anemic)
Pelvic pressure
Remembering to take all of the supplements and vitamins that i’m on each day

All of the baby movements!
Baby hiccups!
Embracing the belly (finally!)
No insomnia yet (that’s usually a mild 3rd trimester symptom for me, so we’ll see )
Not having to get up to go potty during the night (amazing!))
Collecting all the baby things
Nursery planning
The pure fact that we’ve reached the 3rd trimester

Lynnelle PinkBlush-114

One thing that has been so important to me in this pregnancy, as always, is finding clothes that are extremely comfortable and that make me feel beautiful as I carry this sweet babe. It’s been so fun discovering the gorgeous line of clothing from Pink Blush! They carry maternity and non-maternity styles and the options are nearly endless. If you’ve shopped with them before you’ll know what I mean!
I have a few pieces from their maternity line and this newest item in my closet, their Tiered Chiffon Maxi Dress, honestly exceeded my expectations in appearance, fit and comfort. I didn’t want to take it off after my first try-on! Even though its not nursing friendly it is definitely a dress I’ll love wearing for special occasions when no longer pregnant. I love the flowy, long length and did you notice the upper back tie details?!
Lynnelle PinkBlush-51
Lynnelle PinkBlush-122

I chose this floral kimono not only to go with the dress but also to use as a post delivery robe. Previously, it’s never been a priority at all for me to have something beautiful to wear after giving birth but after looking back on my photos from our youngest daughters birth (and both before her as well) I realized that this time I wanted something simple and sweet to slip on over my tank top or nursing bra! I think the fact that this is our last baby has me wanting to do some extra special things to celebrate my pregnancy and, even more so, this beautiful thing called motherhood.

The older I get the more I realize that we don’t celebrate nearly enough and so I’m soaking up every moment that I have left in this pregnancy and making the most of each milestone, big and small. It was such a treat to do this photo session with Amanda Gregor Photography. We worked together years ago when I had my first business and recently re-connected. I highly recommend her if you are local! I can’t tell you how much I regret not having invested in maternity photos for our first two children. They are so special to look back on!

Thank you for continuing to lift up this baby as we count down to seeing his sweet face for the first time. Your thoughts and prayers mean so much!

Lynnelle PinkBlush-70

Lynnelle PinkBlush-91

This blog post is in collaboration with Pink Blush. Review and opinions are my own.
Make sure to check out Pink Blush at or click here to shop their stylish and beautiful maternity apparel line!

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